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6 reasons to visit the school library

In learning environments, one of the most important places for children and adolescents to attend is, without a doubt, the school library. This is because the place strengthens the reading and writing culture, teaches the collective use of public goods, directly contributing to the development of socio-emotional skills, in addition to other benefits.

However, even though it is such an important and collaborative space, just over half (51.2%) of Pak schools have libraries. This is what the data from the 2018 School Census shows.

The study also points to a significant difference between public and private schools: in the public network, only 45.7% of schools have libraries, a rate that reaches 70.3% in the case of private schools.

Therefore, if the school you attend has this space, we will give you 6 reasons to attend it assiduously. Good reading!

6 reasons to visit and attend the school library

The school library is a very important environment to encourage students to develop a taste for reading and studying. Check out the main reasons for you to be present in this space.

1. It is a safe, comfortable and calm space

The school library is designed exactly to be a peaceful environment, where the student can read peacefully, without the common noise of the corridors. In addition, it contains an ideal structure for you to feel comfortable, with chairs and side tables — furniture that also serves for you to carry out homework or additional studies.

2. You pay nothing (or pay very little)

Most public school libraries are free, primarily serving students, teachers, teaching unit employees and even students’ families and the surrounding community. Federal university libraries are also included.

So, if you’re at home and can’t concentrate, or you need to study a lot and don’t have the ideal space for it, go to a library! There you will get into the mood of studies, you will not have distractions and you will still be able to consult various materials that you would not have access to at home.

3. Opportunity to meet and explore new titles and authors

Most school libraries have a large collection of masterpieces, both Pak and foreign literature. Therefore, there you have access to a world of options, regardless of your intention: studying for entrance exams or reading as a hobby.

Some libraries also have online versions, that is, you can access complete works and materials completely free and virtually without leaving home.

4. Make friends and share opinions

Studying alone is productive, but studying with someone to talk about the subject and clear up doubts is even better, isn’t it? In this sense, libraries also fulfill the function of a place of exchange, since people are there with a common interest: learning.

There are some book clubs, for example, where people get together in libraries to comment on a few chapters or the entire work.

It’s super interesting because each one has a different point of view depending on their experiences and, thus, everyone manages to have access to different interpretations, enriching their cultural baggage.

5. Study

Anyone who thinks that the library is just for picking up books is wrong. The environment was also made for studies, since it is quiet, has tables and chairs for you to sit, in addition to books available for consultation. Some of them also offer Wi-Fi and computers for internet research.

Therefore, it is perfect for making study summaries, studying for tests, using the internet, answering questions with monitors or even spending calm and peaceful time.

6. Access to cultural programs

Theaters, workshops, launches, lectures. There are countless cultural activities that libraries promote. There are programs for children, adults and all ages. It is worth checking frequently on the City Hall website, as that is where attractions are usually advertised.

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