Office Tips

Welcome kit for new employees: what to offer?

A positive employee experience starts on day one with your new hire onboarding process. Therefore, offering a welcome kit for new employees is essential. A well-executed onboarding not only sets the tone for the company’s culture and what a new hire can generally expect with their role, it can also positively impact their motivation within the first […]


Writing for a job interview: the best tips

After interviews, writing for a job interview is the moment most feared by candidates. After all, we never know what recruiters expect from us. The blank page becomes a nightmare, and questions always arise: where do I start? How do I answer this question? Is it that good? How do I finish this? It’s absolutely […]


Video Interview: everything you need to know

Video interviews are increasingly common in selection processes. For candidates, it is an excellent opportunity to show their full potential. And for the company, its main objective is to facilitate the evaluation of the recruiter. But, many candidates fear this phase, because they don’t know very well how to create content that catches the recruiter’s […]