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Learn how to create a resume on your cell phone!

Learn how to put together a good resume and insert essential information, all from your cell phone and very quickly!

Your professional profile and your behavioral profile need to be described in the resume, some personal data, such as full name, age, gender with which you identify, residence, contact details, etc. Thus, it is important to remember or gather all necessary information.

By the way, you will learn how to make a substantial resume directly from your cell phone using applications, and without needing a computer.

Step one: What should I have on my resume?

Knowing what to include and what to leave out of the curriculum is essential to present yourself as a person capable of describing yourself and showing what your professional goals are.

Other important information to include in a resume are professional achievements, training, behavioral profile, such as soft skills and hard skills.

In addition to these two types of information, you must enter your full name and a section for your training — containing dates, name of educational institutions and details about the course, as well as the training.

These are the essential information to enter. An interesting addition, especially for young people, is a section to highlight your life goals.

Give preference to a dream: a long-term goal, of a professional or student nature, that serves as a constructive intellectual experience or financially attractive for your career.

A great example, both for young people and adults, is to take a postgraduate course at a renowned institution. It is a highly fruitful objective in the acquisition of knowledge, it adds value to the professional’s work and makes the individual stand out from other professionals of his age.

In addition, this type, of course, directs the conception training of its interviewers: our training traces our intellectual trajectory along with the professional one, and a master’s or doctorate is proof of the resilience in defending what we work for.

Therefore, give priority to highlighting good training and leaving very well expressed the minutiae and details of what was exercised during your postgraduate studies.


How to put together a resume without professional experience? If you are young, what would be relevant?

Extracurricular learning — like languages, etc — even sports or art courses are relevant to a very young person’s curriculum. They denote someone’s type of behavior and intellectual focus in the early stages of their growth.

Those looking for an opportunity as a young learner should consider including activities that show a focus on engagement, creative thinking, innovation, technology and many other characteristics pertinent to specific areas.

Complementary courses, such as those mentioned above, or a technical secondary education are great activities to be highlighted: they denote an appreciation for building more complex experiences during the experience itself.

Second step: how to make a resume by cell phone?

We said that the previous step was the most complex because, thanks to technology, it is possible to create text and image files from a cell phone in a very uncomplicated way.

There are different options for doing this. One is through Google resources.

With Google Docs it is possible to create text documents directly from a cell phone. You can use this tool to separate and categorize necessary information and then edit a basic resume in plain text format.

However, this is a basic option — it can be better used if there is an interest in organizing in a clear and objective way. A great resume also conveys a sense of organization. Therefore, it is necessary to create one that meets the expectations of the recruiter.

A text-only resume is considered very rustic, basic, but not that it is bad, there are sectors that still prefer this model of resume. Therefore, think about using the technology available in applications more dedicated to a pleasant, professional-looking resume.

For this, it is possible to use some intuitive and free applications, with very robust functionalities for your ease of access. We recommend using one of them, in particular, as it contains several very useful features for your smartphone.

Canva, which was already available in a desktop version, also has an app for smartphones. Available for both platforms ( iOS and Android ), it is an excellent choice for creating a stylized and complete resume.

It allows you to create image files, where you can insert other geometric figures, text boxes, images via upload from the device itself (to insert a photo) and much more.

One of Canva’s standard features is the ability to create a document from a standardized template — and, on top of that, there is a specific type of template for resumes.

Creating yours through the app is very simple: if you’ve already organized your information, just replace or insert text boxes in the template (as needed), copy your content into them and adjust the block size to the size of your resume.

Use it. It is an application that allows you to share the file virtually and directly, in different formats, from PNG or PDF, via DropBox or email — saving your device’s memory!

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