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Learn how to write a contest essay with simple and practical tips

Do you know how to write a contest essay? Or rather, do you know what structure is needed to produce an essay worthy of approval? The textual productions have a considerable weight in the exams and, most of the time, they tend to be decisive for the approval of the students.

The ability to organize ideas and knowledge are aspects that are widely requested by competitions and, therefore, it is important to study and train your skills to successfully put them into practice.

Despite its importance, there are still some questions about the subject that we seek to answer in this publication. Here, you will find an overview of everything your production needs to have. Keep reading and learn, once and for all, how to write a contest essay.

What a contest essay needs to have

Before starting to structure your essay, it is important to know how to interpret what is requested. Therefore, it is necessary to read it carefully one, two, three or as many times as possible. Understand what was passed and what was required and, based on that, you can start your production process.

The textual genre most requested by the contests is the  dissertation , and it is on it that we will base this publication. The secret to writing a good dissertation is to have a combination of  knowledge about the subject and about textual structure. In any case, research carefully which textual genre is common to the exam you will take, so that there are no surprises.

It is with your wording that the institution will understand your ability to understand and argue about the exposed topic. In general, your dissertation needs to have a good argument on the subject, a well-established thesis, strong and concise arguments, all within an introduction, development and conclusion structure, which will be detailed in the topics below.

More than that, it is important to be aware of the limitation in lines of your text. The  power of synthesis  is also an aspect observed by newsstands. Candidates with a lot of knowledge, but little condensing capacity, need to at least know how to make a good outline.

Necessary structure of an essay for competition

Your textual production must follow a common structure of introduction, development and conclusion, but with special attention to each of them:

    • introduction  with brief contextualization, presentation on the subject and thesis;
    • development  with arguments related to the thesis in a maximum of three paragraphs;
    • conclusion  with resumption of the theme, thesis, development and closure.

Your text should convince the reader as much as possible about your thesis, but attention: this does not mean that he will agree with you or not, it will just mean that your content was strong enough to convince him that your opinion is consistent.

Therefore, there is no point in knowing about the structure, if there is not enough content and knowledge about the subject. Therefore, it is important to be aware of contemporary issues: what is missing, what is being talked about, discussed and so on. Pay attention to what may or may not be asked in the exam, this will be decisive for your grade and final approval.

How to write a contest essay in 5 tips

We’ve selected practical and easy tips to help you write an essay worthy of approval for the dream contest!

1. Spend time understanding what was requested

Read it once and think you understand? Read again. Carefully read each word. Understand the subject, the context and ensure that you understand what was requested by the bank.

If the broker sees that ‘A’ was required and you mentioned ‘B’, your essay may be  voided . Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to worry about this step.

2. Don’t be afraid to make drafts

Once you understand the theme, several ideas will pop into your head, and this is the time to put everything on paper. Don’t be afraid to use your scratch paper and, if possible, ask for more.

Many candidates skip this step for fear of not having enough time to complete the assessment. Even if this is your case,  do at least a rough draft  of your essay before writing your final version.

3. Read and proofread your essay at least twice

Another important tip is not to ignore proofreading your text, even if you imagine there are no errors. Analyze and revise while your text is still in draft and not written in the final version, but even after that, it’s worth checking to see if anything went wrong.

4. Prioritize writing before starting other questions

A good strategy for doing well in essays is to make your first draft before starting the other questions on your exam. You and your mind will be  rested  enough to understand the topic and organize thoughts and ideas to then put on paper.

After the first draft, move on to other issues and, when you get tired, go back and revise the text. Do this until you are happy with the result.

5. Pay attention to the structure and grammar of the text

Throughout the text, do not forget to pay attention to the structure and grammar of your essay, these two points are widely considered by the bank and, consequently, may be reasons for your grade to be discounted.

Knowing how to write a contest essay is essential for anyone who wants to pass that contest they’ve always wanted. To do so, it is necessary to follow some requirements that we mentioned in the topics above.

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