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How to discover my professional talent in 6 steps: see tips

If you’ve ever asked yourself “ how to discover my professional talent and have a successful career?”, There is still a lot of uncertainty about this question, so don’t worry.

​​However, the reality is that we are all born with the propensity to succeed and thrive in our careers or endeavors.

After all, we have certain skills, talents and knowledge that can be nurtured, molded, formed and encouraged throughout our lives.

However, it is common to see individuals who have reached the pinnacle of perfection in their skills and careers and others who just remain unimportant to professional life throughout their lives.

Although the home environment, mentorship and training play a key role in personal success, it is worth remembering that talent can often be developed and used.

How to discover my professional talent?

Check now 6 tips on how to answer the question “how to discover my professional talent?”

1. Discover your personal interests

The first tip to answer “how to discover my professional talent” is to discover your personal interests.

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected society, where it’s easy to drown in an endless stream of content, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and what makes you happy.

From time to time, it’s important to consider what you like to do, from your hobbies to your interests.

It doesn’t matter if it’s playing video games or rereading epic tales; by doing some introspection, you’re likely to find some hidden talents, as these little joys can tap into skills you’re good at.

2. Know your behavioral profile

Another tip for answering how to discover my professional talent is to know your own behavioral profile.

This step is essential for those who still don’t know the type of personality they have or who still don’t know the processes involved in this discovery.

Currently, there are numerous personality tests available online – some more credible than others – such as:

    • MBTI;
    • DISC;
  • Gallup Test of Talent.

Knowing your behavioral profile will not only help in the search for your professional talents, but will also help you to develop your own personal characteristics.

3. Invest in therapy sessions

There’s nothing better to get to know yourself than investing in a good therapist and diving headlong into psychotherapy sessions.

Therefore, one of the answers to “how to discover my professional talent” is to invest in therapy.

After all, through the therapeutic process, it is possible to better understand one’s own personality and learn more about the skills and aptitudes covered by the stress of everyday life.

4. Give chances to a mentorship

Another way to respond to “how to discover my professional talent” is by giving chances for mentoring with a coach or a professional in your area of ​​interest.

After all, all the experience and knowledge of a veteran person in the area can help you to have a new perspective on yourself and discover new hidden talents and skills.

5. List your strengths and weaknesses

What are you good at? What are you bad at?

It’s impossible to know unless there’s a specific process in place for this, like sitting down and listing all your strengths and weaknesses .

Whether in the morning or before bed, sit down, grab a pen and paper, and describe your various strengths and weaknesses.

You can be successful at solving problems, using logic to get out of unpleasant situations, or learning a language quickly.

On the other hand, you may not be able to get to appointments on time, cook well, and read body language.

Some people may say that they don’t know how to exploit their talents, but with a little patience, reflection and concentration, you can indeed identify your gifts!

6. Ask for feedback

Trying to figure out what you’re good at can often be very helpful through feedback from family, friends, colleagues, and teachers.

Their comments can be surprising to you because they can direct your attention to things you never considered.

By having someone else see your talents, you can find out what kind of profession you could excel at, whether you’re fresh out of college or changing careers.


Did these tips help you answer “how to discover my professional talent?”

Discovering who you are, identifying new interests and finding your hidden talents can be an extensive, arduous and difficult process, but it is a lifelong adventure that never ends.

The journey is certainly an investment, but it is an endeavor that will pay dividends through purpose, contentment, and enthusiasm!

You will inevitably encounter obstacles and there will be bumps in the road that make you want to admit defeat.

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