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How to have more productive days: learn what to do in 5 steps

In a globalized world with a very fast pace, it is common that you want to know how to have more productive days and perform more at home and at work.

However, for this to happen, it is important to change daily habits and implement new activities during the day.

How to have more productive days?

Check below 5 tips on how to have more productive days and live your best version now!

1. Manage your time wisely

The first tip on how to have more productive days is to manage your time more wisely.

After all, it’s easy to lose track of time, even when you’re working or doing an activity you enjoy.

Therefore, time management helps in prioritizing tasks, freeing up some extra time to do the things you really enjoy.

One tip on how to have more productive days is to track how you spend your time without making changes for a week.

Find a time tracker online or manually record how you spend each hour of the day, then look at the data at the end of the week. This can help you identify areas you want to improve – even if it’s hard to admit how many hours you actually spend on social media or binge-watching!

By mapping your hours, you can also get an overview to create deadlines that work for your daily responsibilities.

Also, better control of your time will make you aware of how procrastination affects your days, motivating you to avoid it.

In the end, you can use this information to create a daily schedule, in which you will assign time limits for each responsibility and time between tasks to be completed.

2. Follow a daily routine

Another tip on how to have more productive days is by following a pre-established routine.

Ideally, create a daily schedule that guides you from start to finish of the day.

A planner or time management application can facilitate this by providing a visual representation of such a schedule.

At this stage, it is important to decide when you need to wake up, when you want to go to bed, and how you will spend your work and leisure hours.

Some tips for creating a daily schedule that works include:

    • Group similar tasks to make it easier to move from one to another;
    • Include time slots that allow you to switch between tasks.
    • Set time limits for tasks;
    • Give yourself enough time to relax and sleep;
    • Stick to your schedule as closely as possible when you can, but it’s okay to be flexible sometimes!

If something takes a little longer than expected or a last-minute task comes up, your breaks should help keep things on schedule.

And if you need more time for something crucial, rearrange as needed and get back on schedule the next day.

3. Get enough sleep

Bad sleep means low productivity . So another tip on how to have more productive days is to get enough sleep.

So set aside at least that many hours for sleep each night, not including the time it takes to relax and prepare for sleep.

If you are one of those people who have nocturnal habits, check out some of the negative effects of not getting enough sleep:

    • Low performance and productivity;
    • Lethargy and other physical problems adverse to health;
    • Lower social, emotional and mental well-being;
    • Increased risk of dangerous errors.

The ideal is to sleep well every night and see how good night habits change your health, mood and performance!

4. Create a healthy morning routine

One more tip on how to have more productive days is to create a healthy morning routine.

Following a healthy routine in the morning sets you up for a more productive day.

So be sure to include a healthy breakfast to get you going for the rest of the day, and consider including something like a morning run, meditation, or yoga session to motivate you not to hit the snooze button!

Your routine may include personal responsibilities like walking the dog or taking the kids to school. But don’t forget that you also need some personal time just for you.

5. Nurture healthy habits!

You need energy to focus on your work and personal responsibilities every day.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain at least some healthy habits in your routine. They can include:

    • Sleep at least seven hours every night;
    • Have a healthy eating;
    • Exercise regularly;
    • Avoid mental exhaustion;
    • Drink a lot of water.

These habits can help you build the foundation for a life of productive days, more energy, less stress, and more time to spend on the things you truly love.


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