Junior civil engineering company: what are the reasons to participate?

Participating in the Junior Civil Engineering Company during college will be a differential in your career. The contact with real problems makes it possible to finish the course with some experience, putting you ahead of other young candidates in the job market.

If you are interested in the area and are going to take the entrance exam, it is important to clarify all doubts and seek a degree that offers professional experience. Opportunities to practice the trade from an early age are as important as the quality of teaching in the classroom.

Just below, we have gathered the main characteristics of the junior enterprise project, in addition to five reasons for you to be interested in the subject and want to participate. Keep reading and see how to start your career in Civil Engineering on the right foot!

What is Junior Enterprise?

It is an organization created to offer the experience of the work environment to university students. In it, students make up the staff of a non-profit company, serving the community and running projects under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Due to this experience, the student has an assisted contact with the real problems of his area. A place is created where it is possible to experiment and learn from mistakes, receiving the help and guidance necessary to evolve and gain experience.

In the case of the civil engineering junior company, the discipline’s students work on projects, receiving tasks in line with their learning level. In addition, there is room for professionals from other areas, such as Administration, Marketing and Accounting, who are included in the support sectors for the main activity.

Participation, as a rule, occurs through selection processes opened during college, in which students can enroll and compete for vacancies. Therefore, it is advisable to seek information from the educational institution and follow the publications from the moment you enroll in the course.

What are the main reasons for participating?

The Junior Civil Engineering Company will be your first contact with the real problems and challenges of the job market, when you will experience the professional environment. Next, we list the reasons why this experience is a differential.

Be more competitive in the job market

It is common for companies to look for young people in order to freshen up their staff and find talent. The advantage of this type of hiring is being able to adapt the hired person to the behaviors, values ​​and customs desired by the organization.

However, the vacancies are not infinite and, almost always, there is competition for the best placements. Consequently, everything that can differentiate one recent graduate from another will be decisive for hiring, especially the professional experience obtained during college.

Develop soft skills

Alongside technical knowledge (hard skills), companies attach great importance to attitudes and behavioral skills (soft skills). No wonder it is common to apply psychological tests and experiential tests in candidate recruitment and selection processes.

The Junior Civil Engineering Company can help to develop this other side. After all, learning to work in a team, lead, be resilient and the like takes practice. Not to mention that behaviors and attitudes are often transmitted by the example set by more experienced professionals.

Put knowledge into practice

The opportunity to use the subjects and topics covered in the classroom to solve concrete problems is also worth mentioning. Repetition and attempt are fundamental processes for learning, to the point that people often only really understand the content when they start their professional or internship activities.

The advantage, in this case, is the controlled work environment, and activities are closely monitored and reviewed. Thus, mistakes, when they occur, are corrected, and the student is able to learn important lessons for his career.

Increase networking

The junior enterprise represents an opportunity for contact with the market and its economic agents, such as suppliers, customers, employees, partners, public entities, etc. Thus, the student can create connections with key people for his career.

Networking, in this case, will be even more relevant than that carried out in lectures, events and other complementary activities After all, because it occurs in a professional environment, the person contacted will know your work and your skills.

Get in touch with technology

Today, software and programs are inseparable from work in Civil Engineering. The BIM platform is the basis for the projects of the vast majority of companies, so to be successful, it is necessary to master it masterfully. Only then will you be a professional of excellence.

The junior company will finally be a place to expand knowledge about the technology used in day-to-day business. Furthermore, as real problems present variables that are not always addressed in the classroom, the work forces the student to explore the tool’s resources as much as possible.

Why is it necessary to pay attention to the choice of educational institution?

The junior civil engineering company is not a mandatory component of the curriculum, there are other ways to complete the practical hours of the course. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the choice of educational institution , because not all will offer this structure.

In fact, the project is normally an initiative of the courses that are more in line with the demands of the job market. This is because today’s professionals are required to know how to apply knowledge in practice, and graduation must adjust to this reality.

Another important point is to know the proposal. The faculty needs to ensure a work environment in which the student can actually put knowledge into practice and is accompanied by highly qualified professionals.

The site must also have adequate infrastructure. Remember that it is very important to study and work with the technology used in the job market. The greater the familiarity with the software, the greater the preparation to act in accordance with the excellence practices in the area.

Therefore, the junior Civil Engineering company must be included in your list of criteria for choosing the educational institution. The project will make a big difference in your career, so the ideal is to look for this option even before taking the entrance exam!

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