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Working as a freelancer: 8 tips to help pay for college

Do you have plans to go to higher education, but are you worried about the costs and lack of time to dedicate to a job? If that’s your case, a great option to earn money without jeopardizing your studies is to work as a freelancer.

A freelancer is a self-employed professional, that is, someone who works without an employment relationship. In this way, he earns according to the number of activities he performs and can provide service to several customers simultaneously.

The advantages of being a freelancer are many: extra income; flexible hours; freedom to work wherever you want, among others. Interested? Want to know some freelance project alternatives to help with college costs? Take a look at the 8 tips we prepared for you!

What are the options for working as a freelancer?

The market for the self-employed does not leave much to be desired. With an eye on the benefits of this type of work, even more so with the facilities of technology, the number of people who risk themselves in search of professional independence only increases.

Even for university students, who are still honing their knowledge, there are many freelance work options. Discover some ideal solutions for university students and choose the ones that best match your skills!

1. Internships

Of course, internships should top our list. This is because, in addition to the reduced workload, which allows for easy conciliation with studies, this is the right opportunity to get to know the practice of the chosen profession . Experience in the curriculum and contact with professionals with long experience in the area are other advantages for the intern.

2. Text formatting

Leaving academic works in accordance with technical guidelines, such as ABNT standards, is a task that requires a lot of attention to detail. And not all students are willing and able to do this type of activity. So, if you like formatting and standardizing texts, this is a good alternative for working as a freelancer.

3. Data tabulation

Now, if you are skilled at using Excel and deal well with numbers and spreadsheets, you can take on projects to tabulate data. Interpreting the collected information, generating graphs and analyzing research results are steps involved in this type of work.

4. Private lessons

Is there any subject you master?Mathematics, Physics, History or even an undergraduate subject? In this case, a viable option is to teach private lessons, either for elementary and high school students, or for some of their classmates who demonstrate difficulty in assimilating the content.

5. Writing and proofreading texts

The profession of copywriter and/or proofreader is one of the most promising at the moment, including for already graduated professionals who decide to change course or supplement their income from formal employment. This is thanks to the virtual job market and the expansion of content marketing. But beware: you need to develop writing skills and be willing to continually improve yourself.

6. Translation

There is also a great demand for translators of content in a foreign language — texts, websites, scientific articles, videos, audios, etc. Therefore, if you are fluent in another language, take the opportunity to practice your knowledge and earn money with translation projects.

7. Design

The design area is another one that opens many doors for freelance professionals. Do you have this talent? So don’t waste it. Work with the production of banners, logos, illustrations, infographics, video editing, e-book layout, among other activities. There is no shortage of opportunities for those working in this field.

8. Social media

Have you ever thought about making money browsing social media? Well, this is a very profitable reality for anyone who wants to work as a freelancer. But don’t think it’s all about following the news feeds. To follow this career, it is necessary to develop a series of activities, such as:

      • monitor the presence of a brand on the networks;
      • use analytical tools for monitoring;
    • disseminate advertising content;
    • research the most current trends in the online world;
    • launch promotions and meet goals, among several other marketing actions.

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