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What is the importance of internal communication in the company? Check out!

Companies have long been focused on achieving effective communication with their customers. However, the internal communication in the company needs the same attention – if not more – than the external one.

Only in this way is it possible for a business to prosper!

After all, employees are the company’s first and main customers. That is, if the organization knows how to communicate effectively with them, it will certainly be able to convey the desired messages to final consumers.

Check now everything about internal communication in the company, its importance and its main examples today.

What is internal communication?

First of all, it is essential to conceptualize what is internal communication in the company.

Internal communication is responsible for sharing information about the company so that employees perform their duties well, keeping them informed.

The purpose of internal communication is to provide an effective flow of information between departments and colleagues in an organization, also being applied in the different directions of the hierarchical chain of manager and employee.

In addition, internal communication also works between the employees themselves who are interacting with each other in the company.

Solid internal communication nurtures company culture and develops employee engagement!

What are examples of internal communication?

Workforce demographics are constantly changing, which highlights the need for different communication channels.

Wherever employees work, there are always advantages to having effective internal communication in the office and remotely.

Check now the main examples of internal communication in the company.

Currently, there are five main sources of internal communication:

– From the management: in which information such as strategies, company results, internal and external information and other important general topics are distributed;

– Between the team: between colleagues who work together to achieve the same end goal in the company;

– Face to face: in which individuals are instructed about tasks and responsibilities or, alternatively, in which individual or collective feedback is passed on

– Peer-to-peer: informal chats between peers to share information;

– Through resources: internet, email, social media, messaging, video calls, telephone.

What is the importance of internal communication in the company?

Now that we know what internal communication is in the company and what are its examples, it’s time to explore why this type of communication is so fundamental in most modern organizations.

Below we separate 4 benefits of having effective and pleasant internal communication!

Check out!

1. Increases employee engagement and productivity

Starting the right conversations between employees and the entire professional team is critical to increasing team engagement and productivity.

After all, with effective communication, it is easier to know what is happening in the company, what are the next steps in relation to projects and responsibilities and to unify teams, fostering the organization’s culture.

2. Promotes intelligent information delivery

Another benefit of internal communication in the company is that it delivers the right message to the relevant people.

Modern technology means that most of us connect at some point in the day, particularly at work, with most employees having access to the company internet which they can connect to when it suits them and stay up to date with relevant communications. .

Effective internal communication also ensures that teams don’t suffer from information overload, avoiding the need to spend hours sending and reading emails, messages and comments!

3. Improves the employee experience

One more benefit of internal communication in the company is that it improves the overall experience for employees and teams.

This helps maintain employee retention, as working for a company that cares about its people sends a positive message to prospective candidates.

Internal communication can be used to announce:

    • Company events;
    • Membership of the sports club;
    • Free healthy drinks and snacks;
    • Free shuttle service for employees who work late;
  • The introduction of a rest area.

Unless everyone knows these benefits, they will not be able to take advantage of them. That’s why the role of internal communication is important for both business and leisure time!

4. Helps to share goals and objectives

One of the best ways to communicate a company’s roadmap is to leverage internal communication.

Giving an overview and explaining business objectives through a consistent flow of information helps employees feel well-informed and empowered to take action.

A clear roadmap also emphasizes the organization’s strategy so that everyone on a team or department has a clear vision of where the company is going.

It provides a clear, single point of reference that summarizes overall goals, promoting confidence in decision-making and role performance.


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